Bituminous waterproofing membranes
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IKObase Quadra T/F 7,5 m

Waterproofing membrane composed of polymer bitumen and a polyester-glass combination inlay. The upper surface is finished with sand and the vapour pressure-distributing lower surface is protected by a thermofusible film.
Installation: partially torched-on .

  • Excellent adhesion of the membrane to the substrate (up to three times higher than conventional membranes) thanks to specially modified adhesive areas (quadras) on its lower surface, which are IKO’s patented technology.
  • Combined polyester and glass fibers inlay for maximum strength and security, providing high dimensional stability.
  • Special channel structure on the lower surface of the membrane for excellent vapour diffusion.
  • Combination between APP (for thermal stability and resistance) and SBS (for perfect adhesion and elasticity).
  • Considerably lower gas use for the membrane application. The "Quick Fix" method is used, where it is only sufficient to burn off the thermofusible film on the undersurface of the membrane to achieve adhesion to the base. The seams are welded normally.
  • The membrane is available in a torched-on version as well as a self-adhesive version.

Type APP
Thickness mm 3,00
Weight 4,60 kg./m²
Inlay polyester-glass combination
Upper surface finish talc/sand
Lower surface finish quadra profile with thermofusible film
Longitudinal length7,50 m.
Longitudinal width1,00 m.

Bituminous waterproofing membranes brochure

Bituminous waterproofing membranes brochure