The construction of the complex - HOSPITAL AND CLINIC "VISION" AND OFFICE BUILDING OF "KMI" is advancing

The construction of the complex - HOSPITAL AND CLINIC
The complex is spread on a total gross floor area of 11,000 m2. It will have the claims of one of the most modern eye clinics on the Balkans, along with the office building of the main importer of ophthalmology equipment for Bulgaria. The project is situated in the "Druzhba" district, Sofia. Due to the specific functions of the projects the use of specific and high quality materials was required. The rigorous approach of the investor and the contractor led to the choice of a 3 ply waterproofing system of SBS membranes, manufactured by IKO’s ATAB plants, situated in Antwerp, Belgium. The first layer has a special vapor diffusion function with a channel structure embedded on its bottom surface, while the membrane is also self-adhesive. It is followed by a reinforcing SBS underlay membrane with a polyester inlay for the second layer, and the third finishing ply of SBS membrane with mineral coating, both torch applied. The total volume of membranes, delivered so far for the project by Armormat is 9,600 m2.