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Photovoltaic systems Iko Solar

Durable, energy efficient roofing system with guaranteed high performance.

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The energy roof: High efficiency roofing system with IKO Solar PV modules

The energy roof not only consists of waterproof roofing membranes. This is just one of a number of components which must work alongside each other and in harmony with the building itself, its function, the required energy efficiency, the roof structure, the installation method and the operating life of the roof, as well as any secondary requirements such as fire integrity or reflective capacity. The installation of energy-saving and energy-generating systems creates an additional dimension. The roof becomes an energy roof.

Iko Solar system

IKO Solar photovoltaic light modules
IKO Solar is a so-called thin film module comprising of amorphous silicone (a-Si) in the shape of a flexible strip that is glued horizontally onto the roofing membrane.

The energy roof generates green electricity free-of-charge. free electricity

IKO Reflect: Heat-reflecting white roofing membranes that reflect heat radiation

IKO Reflect

As a result of this reflection, the temperature of the roof surface will be lower, thereby increasing the output and operating life of your investment as a result of a decrease in temperature fluctuations.

The white top layer generates an additional light halo above the solar modules, which makes them even more efficient. The white PU coating permits the use of rain water for sanitary purposes and garden irrigation.

The installation of IKO Reflect roofing membranes is completely flame-free, and the system complies with the European standard and the Broof (t1) fi re test with regard to resistance to spreading fire.

The energy roof Iko Solar - 5

Spectraplan TPE: Latest generation synthetic membranes that combine the best characteristics of thermoplastics (eg PVC) and elastomers (eg EPDM)

These membranes are the most sustainable polymer technology in the world of the rooftops. Characterized by an unprecedented long life and superior technical properties. Ultraviolet rays have a negligible impact on them. Spectraplan TPE is completely clean and harmless as polymers, it does not react with any other substances and does not emit any. So Spectraplan TPE not only allows the use of rainwater for sanitary purposes and plant irrigation, but can even be used while working in pools or containers for drinking purposes. Spectraplan TPE e 100% recyclable product. The bright color of this membrane and the structure of the enveloping polymer again help to reflect sunlight and maintain low temperature of the outer package. Spectraplan TPE roofing membranes are resistant to fire in accordance with the new stringent European standard ENV1187.

The energy roof has an extremely durable high-tech top layer. The energy roof Iko Solar - 6

IKO Enertherm high-efficiency PIR insulation

With a lambda value of up to 0.023 W/mK, enertherm stands out from other insulation materials because PIR provides better insulation! In fact, you gain a higher output with a thinner, and therefore lighter, board. Enertherm does not melt and constitutes a fi re-resisting insulation. The light yet highly compression-resistant board provides the roof with additional rigidity and accessibility. Regular inspections and maintenance work on the roof can therefore be carried out safely.

The energy roof is extremely energy efficient.

IKO Solar is a "lightweight" system

Thanks to a weight of only 3.5 kg/m², IKO Solar modules can be fitted to all types of roofs. They are extremely suitable for light steel roof constructions, large span areas and renovations. The low weight of the IKO Solar modules allows for simple integration without requiring considerable modifications to either the roof construction or to the building itself

Iko Solar triple-junction

IKO Solar guarantees a highly efficient production of electricity

The triple-junction technology that enables the modules to capture the red, green and blue light spectra makes the collection of both direct sunlight and diffuse light possible. This results in a better output where there is weaker light incidence, shading, clouding or soiling, or if the positioning of the modules is not quite ideal. As a result of the finely-meshed structure of the "bypass" diodes, no current interruptions will occur if an individual cell breaks down.

IKO Solar does not damage your roof

The flexible, lightweight IKO Solar modules are installed by Atab-certified roofers. Our unique approach with respect to the roof memrbane and our extensive waterproofing know-how guarantees the long operating life of your investment. No roof perforations or heavy ballast systems are required for the installation of IKO Solar modules.

IKO Solar modules form a protective armour for the roof membrane

The self-cleaning IKO Solar modules are all-weather resistant and dirt-repellant, making them suitable for grey water recuperation for sanitary purposes and garden irrigation. The durable, transparent polymer layer contributes directly to the fire resistance of the roof, and also provides additional protection against mechanical damage to the roof covering (e.g. hail).

Iko Solar comparison

IKO Solar modules are glued flat onto the roof covering

They integrate discreetly with the building and the environment. The architectural appearance of the building does not change, and there is no need for an additional building permit. As the IKO Solar modules are installed flat onto the roof sheeting, they will not catch the wind. This is an important advantage for high buildings, or for roofs situated in coastal areas. The effective PV module area is also considerably higher, as no areas are shaded by vertical panels. A maximum Wp is therefore attained in this way.