Roof with shingles

Underlays Valleys for Shingles

  • Provide an extra protection at any time
  • Protect decking material from wind-driven rain and snow as well as from ice dams
  • Reduce visible outline of deck panels
  • Allow you to install shingles on roofs with a slope below 20° (see IKO application guide for further details)
  • Are 100% compatible with IKO shingles thanks to their bitumen content
  • Provide an extra barrier to dust infiltration

Underlays Valleys for Shingles brochure

Armour Valley

APP modified membrane Armour Valley

Armour Valley is a high quality plastomeric membrane finished with ceramic-coated granules that fully match the colors of IKO shingles. Its special features make it ideal for the specific needs of roof valleys and many other roof details: strength, flexibility and aesthetics. It can also be used for low slope roof areas adjacent to shingles.

Available colours: 01, 02, 04, 07, 10, 14, 31, 49, 53, 54, 55

Other colors may also be available. Please, contact us for more detailed information.

Armourbase Premium PLUS

Armourbase Premium PLUS is a self-adhesive elastomeric underlay ensuring complete against wind-driven rain and ice dams. It remains flexible through time even in extreme cold weather conditions. Its quick and easy installation is particularly time saving.

underlay Armourbase Premium PLUS

Armourbase Pro

битумен подложен слой Armourbase Pro

Armourbase Pro is a light weight bitumen polyester based underlay covered with a polypropylene film on both sides.

Easy, exceptionally strong, quick and clean to install, it is a multi-purpose underslating primarily used for shingles but also for other roofing materials like clay and concrete tiles, metal sheets, corrugated sheets.

Armour Valley Armourbase Pro Armourbase Premium PLUS
Weight/roll (kg) 38 11.4 23
Surface (m²) 7.5 30 20
Tensile longitudinal* (EN 12311-1) 650 N/50mm 300 N/50mm 450 N/50mm
Tensile transverse* (EN 12311-1) 400 N/50mm 280 N/50mm 450 N/50mm
Elongation longitudinal (EN 12311-1) 20% 40% ≥5%
Elongation transverse (EN 12311-1) 20% 50% ≥5%
Heat resistance lower surface (EN 1110) 120 °C 150 °C 100 °C
Cold Flex lower surface (EN 1109) -8 °C -20 °C -30 °C