PVC waterproofing membranes Armourplan
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PVC waterproofing membranes Armourplan

PVC single surface waterproofing systems.

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Tangibly stronger

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More efficient

Armourplan has a unique polyester reinforcement. As a result, Armourplan exhibits exceptional mechanical properties and performance characteristics. This allows the use of wider rolls and reduces the number of fixings required for a rapid and simple installation.

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Long service life

The very flat reinforcement mesh ensures that the lower polymer layer is also very flat and evenly distributed.

The polyester mesh is therefore completely protected by a single UV-stabilised layer of high performance PVC.

This consistent protection also prolongs the service life of the roof membrane.

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A sleek and attractive roof

Armourplan forms a sleek skin on many types of roof application, whether mechanically secured or fully adhered. Aesthetics can be further enhanced with the use of the wide range of ancillary items including standing seam profiles. Armourplan is also suitable for use on podium roofs and terraces.

Aesthetically better

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Secure seam welding

The same high-quality UV-resistant PVC compound is applied on both the upper and lower side of the membrane, ensuring optimal weld quality. Armourplan may only be installed by trained operatives, and each project is monitored during installation and inspected on completion.

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Bright, strong colours

Over the years, Armourplan has developed a very strong range of colours. The colours have been intensively tested and are UV-stable. A roof can be transformed into an attractive feature using these innovative options.

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Lasting colours

The full thickness of the membrane top layer is coloured with the same pigment, so that with minimal maintenance, the membrane will retain its stunning visual appearance.

Standard colour palette

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Armourplan Colour consists of 6 standard colours: brick red, moss green, turquoise, slate grey, white and blue. All these colours are delivered from stock so that projects of all shapes and sizes can benefit from the elaborate colour possibilities.

Premium lacquer layer

Colours can also be finished with a premium lacquer layer. The addition of this protective coating minimises dirt pick up ensuring the colour will maintain its brilliance longer.