Polymer waterproofing membranes

Polymer waterproofing membranes

PVC waterproofing membranes Armourplan

PVC single surface waterproofing systems.

  • Tangibly stronger and stable

    Armourplan exhibits outstanding mechanical properties because of its unique polyester reinforcement.

  • Long service life

    The service life of the membrane is considerably prolonged due to the flat reinforcement mesh and the evenly distributed UV-stabilised synthetic layer.

  • Secure seam welding

    Both the upper and lower sides of the membrane utilise the same polymer compound, allowing secure and reliable seam welding.

  • Aesthetically better

    Innovative and attractive colours, UV-stable and intensively tested, giving the client unlimited, creative design possibilities.

  • Durable finish

    The top layer is coloured throughout, ensuring high colour stability.

  • Rich palette of colours

    From azure blue to bright brick red, the 6 standard colours are all available from stock.

TPE waterproofing membranes Spectraplan

The most advanced and sustainable polymer technology ever applied to a single roof concept.

  • Long life expectancy

    The homogeneity of Spectraplan TPE basic polymers and the absence of softeners result in a very stable chemical compound. Spectraplan® roofing sheets remain elastic almost indefinitely and barely age.

  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable

    In contrast to the chlorine containing polymer sheets which exist in the market, Spectraplan® TPE roofing sheets are particularly environmentally friendly.

  • Safe and reliable installation

    Spectraplan TPE roofing sheets are thermally welded using hot air. No noxious or irritating vapours or smoke are released during the welding process.

  • Optimal safety for environment

    Spectraplan TPE roofing systems are fire resistant in accordance with the new stringent European fire standard ENV1187. The fire retardants used in Spectraplan TPE polymer are non-toxic and free of halogens.

  • High resistance to wind uplift

    The IKOFix mechanical fastening systems has been specifically designed for the Spectraplan® SM sheet range. It includes corrosion resistant screws and washer plates, flat bars for clamping frames, and is applicable to any substrate suitable for mechanical attachment.

  • Maintenance and repair friendly

    Spectraplan TPE roofing systems do not absorb moisture and are only affected by dirt-pickup to a very small degree. This means that it remains possible to make repairs or add further details if required in the future.