Roof with shingles
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  • Allow excess heat and water vapour to escape from the roof
  • Allow air to circulate between insulation and roof deck
  • Prevent humidity from damaging the roof construction
  • Cool down the roof in hot weather conditions
  • Lengthen the life expectancy of the shingles

Vents brochure

IKO Ridge Vents are designed to ensure a smooth straight roofline; thanks to their internal baffle system, they keep out rain, snow, leaves and insects.

Ridge Vents
Ridge Vents Ridge Vents Plus
Dimensions 122 x 22,9 cm 122 x 27,9 cm
Used for Monarch Monarch Diamant
  Armourglass Diamant-(Shield)
    Marathon Ultra Accessory
Roof Pitches 27°-63° 27°-69°
Number/box 10 10
Ventilation area 260 cm²/m 260 cm²/m

IKO Standard Vents are plastic and larger size vents allowing a high degree of ventilation they are designed with a unique angled screen preventing birds from nesting.

Standard Vents
Standard Vents Standard Vents Colour
Dimensions 43 x 45 x 11 cm 43 x 45 x 11 cm
Ventilation area 322 cm²/pc. 322 cm²/pc.
Colour Black Red

IKO Special Vents are trendy aluminum vents designed in such a way that they are hardly noticeable on a shingle roof. The aluminum and special protective coating make them a durable solution; their angled internal baffle keeps out external elements like birds, insects, snow and water. They are available in several colours.

Special Vents
Special Vents
Dimensions 37 x 40 x 7,5 cm
Ventilation area 30 cm²/pc.
Colour Black, Green and Red

Armourvent Sanitary for extension of ventilation pipes of the building.

Armourvent Sanitary for extension of ventilation pipes of the building
Armourvent Sanitary
Dimensions Ø 110
Ventilation area 90 cm²/pc.
Colour Black