Seamless gutters

Seamless gutters are made from metal with colored polyester coating and can be of unlimited length without the need for joints. They have a beautiful and very solid profile and their installation is considerably easier and faster.

Seamless gutters
Seamless gutters

Seamless gutters are made of sheet metal and can be produced with unlimited length. The metal sheets they are made of are precut into coiled strips with the right width. The thickness of the used metal is 0.5-0.6 mm.

The metal strip is fed into the seamless gutters machine and the rest happens automatically.

The machine can be mobile, which makes possible the production of seamless gutters to happen right on the construction site. Thus gutters can be made with lengths that exactly match the length of the eaves of the building.

That is why there is no need of any joints along the length of the gutter. There is just a clean seamless look.

This is the main advantage of seamless gutters. It is well known that when leakage occurs in conventional metal gutters, it is in 99% of the cases in the joints area.

Also rusting on galvanized conventional gutters appears much quicker again in those areas.

That is why by eliminating the joints on a metal gutter one eliminates the above problems and significantly increases the system’s life and safety.

Advantages of the seamless gutters

  1. The length of the seamless gutters is unlimited;
  2. Seamless gutters can be installed considerably faster than the conventional ones;
  3. A wider area of the gutter flashing can be lowered inside the gutter, which significantly increases safety against leakage;
  4. Better and more aesthetic appearance because of the elegant profile, called "K-style";
  5. Nice looking and sleek line along the entire finished product;
  6. The absence of joints ensures no leaks;
  7. Due to the detail integrity and the absence of joints a small pitch of the seamless gutters is possible – 0.3 degrees to provide reliable water drainage;
  8. The occurrence of cracks or other break-downs due to thermal cycles, freezing and heating is impossible;
  9. There is a large variety of colors. During the production process, the machines do not damage the surface of the polyester coated metal sheets with such color coating;
  10. The system eliminates the possibility of human error, which can occur in assembling of the joints. There is no risk of low quality labour operations which may cause leakage;
  11. Perfect match of all parts and elements of the system in respect of color, appearance and geometry can be achieved;
  12. Seamless gutters allow easier repair and maintenance in the future. The hangers, used in the installation of seamless gutters are internal and fixed only to the frontal roof board, without entering above and under the roof line and the roof coverage, which completely separates them from the other structural elements of the roof. Therefore their assembly and disassembly can be done apart from everything else;
  13. The possibility of icicles to form on them is lower;
  14. Seamless gutters can withstand the harshest weather conditions without taking any damage.