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Cambridge Xtreme

Xtreme slope:
Cambridge Xtreme can be used on roofs from 9,5° until more than 90°.

Xtreme resistance to high wind & heavy rain:
Cambridge Xtreme has been tested and approved under extreme weather conditions. Take a look at the film on this page, where we illustrate how easy Cambridge Xtreme can resist wind speeds of 60 km/h and 150 mm/h of rain. These conditions occur only once in a 50 year period in Europe.

Xtreme unique:
Cambridge Xtreme is the world's first self-adhesive laminated shingle. Similar to our Cambridge Xpress, Cambridge Xtreme also has a nailing lane for more accurate nailing.

Xtreme European quality:
IKO, The Shingles Expert, offers you CE marked roof shingles, manufactured in our European factories.

Xtreme Platinum guarantee:
IKO Sales International offers you 15 years of full Platinum guarantee & 30 years of total guarantee.

Cambridge Xtreme shingles are produced in the following colors:

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Length 1038 mm (+/-3)
Width 349 mm (+/-3)
Weight 12,5 kg/m²
Coverage/bundle 3,10
Schingles/bundle 20
Bundles/palet 42
Lim. Warranty 30 year(s)
Dimensions of the Cambridge Xtreme shingles

Structure of the Cambridge Xtreme shingles

Structure of the Cambridge Xtreme shingles
  1. Coloured granules
  2. Top coating bitumen
  3. Impregnated glass mat
  4. Back coating bitumen
  5. Fine mineral
  6. Self Sealing Dots
  7. Anti adhesive strip
IKO Platinum Guarantee

Shingles brochure

Shingles brochure

Laminated shingles brochure

Laminated shingles brochure